Mulch matting for trees

Mulching can be very beneficial for trees and shrubs. But if it’s not done properly, it can literally kill the trees. One of the major errors landscapers make when mulching trees is over mulching. The damage done by over mulching will ot show up immediately. Instead it will kill the trees slowly over time, so doing it properly from the start is important.

Avoid Over Mulching

A mountain of mulch piled high against the tree trunk, or mulch mats cut too close to the tree roots can both lead to damage over time.


Here’s how over mulching kills trees:


Oxygen Starvation

Too much mulch causes the tree to suffocate from the roots. This is the most common cause of tree death from over mulching. 



The moist, decaying bark tissue under the mulch is the ideal environment for fungus and bacteria to develop. Oce these diseases are formed, they invade the inner bark, starving the plant, and finally killing the tree.


Excess Heat

Wet mulch layers may start to heat up around the trunk once the bark starts to decompose. Temperatures within inner mulch layers may reach 120° to 140° F. These high temperatures can directly kill the inner bark of young plants.


mulch matting for trees


One of the best ways to avoid over mulching is mulch matting


 Biodegradable mulch matting

It’s best to use biodegradable mulch mats, like Woven Earth’s hemp-based mats, for your trees and shrubs. These help to nurture the soil, prevents erosion and prevents weeds from germinating.

When using Woven Earth’s hemp-based mats, caring for your trees and shrubs is super simple. All you need to do is spread the mulch mat around the roots, hold them in place with stakes, and then water as usual.


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