How to Use Mulch Mats

If you’ve been a gardener for any length of time, then you would have heard of “mulch mats.” But what exactly is a mulch mat?


Mulch is simply material (usually organic) that’s used to cover the soil around the plants in your garden. These include wood, leaves, straws and more, and their main purpose is to stop weed growth and retain moisture in the soil. Mulch mats are literally mats made from these materials, and they can easily be spread over the soil to stop weeds and retain moisture.

How to Use Mulch Mats

How to use Mulch Mats

A big benefit of mulch mats is that they are super simple to use. Once they are set up, they can easily last a few seasons with proper maintenance.

Here’s how to use mulch mats:


  1. Choose a garden site for your mulch mat

Mulch mats can be used on pretty much any site. The first thing to do is to ensure the space is cleared of all weeds and sharp debris.


  1. Place the degradable mulch mat roll on the garden's perimeter

Unroll the mat over the garden area, ensuring that any jonis overlap by 5cm. Mulch mats come in varying sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Try not to step on the mats, as this may damage the material and the seeds below.

 Mulch mats

  1. Secure each corner of the mulch mat

Use the fasteners provided to pin the mulch mats in place. Depending on the manufacturer, your fastener might be wooden stakes or simple weights.


  1. Water the biodegradable mulch mat as normal

Once you’ve layed out your mulch mat and planted your seeds, you can now water the mat as you would your regular soil. 


Woven Earth’s biodegradable, hemp-based mulch mats retain moisture, which then slowly seeps into the soil below. They also help to control erosion, block out sunlight and keep weeds from germinating.


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