How to Install Weed Barriers

The last thing you want springing up in your garden is weed. Not only do they compete with (and usually win) your plants for water and other nutrients in the soil, but they can also be a pain in the back and knees to pull them out manually. And that’s how weed barriers came to be.


A weed barrier is something that prevents the growth of weed in your garden. Weed barriers come in various forms, including basic organic mulch like wood chips, straws and leaves. Other forms include biodegradable materials like newspapers, cardboard, weed barrier fabric and organic mulch mats.


In this blog post, we’ll look at how to install organic mulch mats as your weed barrier.

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How to Install Weed Barriers


Here’s how to install your weed barrier mulch mat in 5 simple steps.


1 - Ensure your weed barrier is permeable

That is, it must allow water and nutrients to pass through to the soil. Check the label to see what it says, or try it for yourself by pouring water on it to see if it allows water to pass through.


2 - Lay your weed barrier material

Unroll your mulch mat over your garden area. Once you’ve unrolled enough to cover your space, use a sharp knife to cut that piece from the rest of the roll.


3 - Secure the weed barrier

Once you’ve positioned the mat properly, secure each edge with weed barrier stakes. This keeps the mat in place during heavy rains and wind. Weed barrier stakes often come with mulch mats, or they can be bought separately.


4 - Add plants through the weed barrier

To plant your seeds or seedlings, cut slits or circles in the mat with a sharp utility knife, then plant your crop in the soil below.


5 - Check on it throughout the year

If you’re using organic mulch mats, they’ll eventually start breaking down, adding plenty of nutrients to the soil. However, as it starts breaking down, the weed barrier becomes thinner, giving weed more opportunity to grow. If you start noticing weed springing up as your mat breaks down, then it’s time for a new layer of mulch.


And there you have it. Once your weed barrier is in place, you can continue to water your plants as usual through the mulch material. Woven Earth’s biodegradable mulch mats are a hassle-free way to keep weeds out of your garden.