Hemp Continues Its Move to the Spotlight

Trivia question for you... how many states allow industrial hemp farming? The answer may surprise you!

Here is a list of all state’s that allow hemp farming:

Alabama California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida
Hawaii Illinois Indiana
Kentucky Maine Maryland
Michigan Minnesota Montana
Nevada New Hampshire New York
North Carolina North Dakota Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
Tennessee Utah Vermont
Washington West Virginia Virginia

No need to count-- the answer is 31! What a difference a few short years make! It's been a pleasure to see this wave of change occur, and to be a part of it. Woven Earth is still the only business in the US that makes ground cover, landscape material, and erosion control products from 100% hemp fiber.

A hemp leaf is displayed at the University of Kentucky Spindletop Research Farm in 2014. The (Lexington, Ky.) Herald-Leader File photograph